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OUR MISSION - To Make the Invisible Visible!

The mission of Black Counselor website is to provide a premiere internet space for African-American lawyers to market and brand themselves to the African-American community that is desperate to use their services as well as to corporate legal departments and government decisions makers who have internal policies that mandate the retention of diverse lawyers. Black Counselor will make African-American lawyers, judges, professors, in-house counsel, law students and government and public interest lawyers visible to the public and potential clients through its unique Lawyer Locator tool that features lawyer profiles along with legal news relevant to the African-American community.  By making them visible and assisting them in generating revenues through lead generation, Black Counselor becomes the solution to the retention of African-American lawyers in the legal profession while filling a legal representation void in the African-American community.


Black Counselor will also provide a forum for African-American lawyers to dialogue about complex issues that are unique to them while affording them opportunity for online networking, critical analysis of relevant news, and thoughtful discussions for African-American lawyers about their chosen fields of law. The networking capability offered by Black Counselor is essential to the development and success of African-American lawyers, as connectively is the cure for alienation within the profession.  Black Counselor also spotlights individual African-American lawyers, judges, professors, in-house counsel, law students, government and public interest lawyers to highlight their contributions to the legal community and successes for the purpose of encouraging others to enter the profession and fill the void.