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March 16, 2014
Diverse High School Students ‘Discover Law’ at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago

John Marshall Law School Minority Students

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(PRWEB) March 14, 2014

From ethics to torts, law school class is in session for minority high school students across Chicago. On March 20, The John Marshall Law School in Chicago hosts Discover Law Day, a program aimed to give minority students a glimpse of law school life and to learn more about attending.

Discover Law Day is sponsored by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) as part of their Months campaign. LSAC encourages law schools to host pipeline events that foster interest in the legal profession among underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.

The Office of Diversity Affairs and Outreach at John Marshall is hosting students from Chicago Public Schools, as well as other local high schools, to participate in a number of interactive panels and a mock torts class similar to one taken by first-semester law students.

“Since its doors opened, John Marshall has been dedicated to a diverse population, and this event is a great example of continuing that tradition,” said Director of Diversity Affairs and Outreach Troy Riddle. “We are exposing these future legal minds to a little of what it’s like to be in law school, and practice in this industry. The goal is to get them thinking critically, and fueling their interest in a life in law.”

Students will engage with officials from among John Marshall’s many clinics that conduct research and work throughout Chicago, including the Fair Housing Legal Support Center & Clinic, the Veterans Legal Support Center & Clinic and the Business Enterprise Law Clinic. Current John Marshall clinic students will discuss the importance of the work they do as well as tips from their personal law school experience.

John Marshall was recently named among the most diverse law schools in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools for Law. It is proud to regularly host events that introduce underrepresented undergraduate and high school students to the legal profession.

For more information, please contact Christine Kraly at ckraly(at)jmls(dot)edu or for more information on the Office of Diversity Affairs & Outreach, visit


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